Recruitment of CUBESIM Pilots

Recruitment of CUBESIM Pilots

1. Event platforms: Facebook,YouTube,Reddit,

2. Time:2022-10-01——2022-12-31(GMT) 

3. Products: 

4. Descriptions of Event:
The buyer who purchased CUBESIM UFC+HUDC on website or by email or through facebook and posted product evaluation which can be video, pictures or comments, no matter favorable or negative comments on the above mentioned platforms can participate in CUBESIM pilot recruitment Event.

5. Target Audience:

All customers around the world who purchased  CUBESIM UFC+HUDC products  through designated channels.

6. Details of the Event:
    1)Participators will need to purchase CUBESIM UFC+HUDC in time bar from 01st October 2022 to 31st December 2022.
And one user (one or more of the same user information, such as name, telephone number and delivery address, shall be regarded as the same user) can participate in  the activity one time only. If the user enters two platforms at the same time, the platform with higher ranking will be awarded, and the ranking of the platform with lower position will be postponed.

    2) For the product evaluation of CUBESIM UFC+HUDC on Facebook, YouTube, reddit, platform, the video or post should tag which is regarded as participating in the activity.

12 free places, 20 50%off places and 28 30% off places

  • The 1st to 3rd person with number of likes for single post/video on each platform will receive 100% refund for orders containing CUBESIM UFC+HUDC with a maximum amount of 1500USD (including paypal handling fee).
  •  Ranking 4th-8th in the number of likes of single post/video on each platform, 50% refund for orders containing CUBESIM UFC+HUDC with a maximum amount of 800USD (including paypal processing fee)
  •  Ranking 9th-15th in the number of likes of single post/video on each platform, 30% refund for orders containing CUBESIM UFC+HUDC with a maximum amount of 500USD (including paypal processing fee)
  •  We will select 5 excellent pilots among these 60 pilots to join the internal test and R&D plan of CUBESIM, and they will get all new products developed by CUBESIM from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023 for free.

    3) Selection Time:2023-01-01——2023-01-03(GMT)

    4) Release date: 2023-01-03——2023-01-06(GMT). If you have any objection to the results, please send email to [email protected] within the above time limit. The email should include the screenshot of the number of likes on 31st December 2022 and the time displayed on the webpage. If there is no objection, we’ll proceed to refund from 15th January 2023 till 30th January 2023.

    5)This activity is limited to customers with payment records. For the users who apply for refunds, CUBESIM will verify the proof materials enclosed with email. Please chenck your email after the Announcement.

7. Special reminder:

    1) For those who violate laws and regulations and the rules of the activity, use any robot software or use other cheating behaviors to participate in the activity, the activity party has the right not to refund the money, or the activity party has the right to ask users to return the money.

    2) The event organizer shall have the right to cancel the qualification of any participant who participates in the event through improper means without prior notice and retain the relevant legal rights and interests

   3) Users’ participation in this Activity shall be deemed as acceptance of the above activity rules, and CUBESIM has the right to interpret this Activity within the scope of law.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   From the CUBESIM Team