CUBESIM Easy Panel EP3U for DCS World


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  • UFC × 1
    HUD ×1
    DCS DDI MFD F/A-18C F-16C Display ×3
    CUBESIM Button Bezel × 3 (“Only Screen” does not have this item, which is suitable for customers who already have TM.)
    Backboards with cardan × 3
    Holder stand × 1

If you use Monstertech Stand or other installation schemes, please confirm with me before/after placing the order, so that I can provide you with the corresponding installation accessories.

Because the UFC display is different from the computer side, the latest hardware driver needs to be updated. Please download the required files in “CUBESIM UFC software ” (if you cannot download them, please contact me via email and I will send them to you separately).

1. Download the software and then unzip it
2. Double-click the CUBESIM_UFC.exe file
3. Click copy file
4. Click connect device
5. enjoy!

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Product Introduction:

   simulation restoration:

Adjustable backlight brightness
Pull-out rotary encoder
Adjustable backlight potentiometer
Digital display with the same font

Plug and play design:
Only 2 cables and 1 Clamp to Install&Uninstall the full panel

For the installation method of Monstertech, please note Monstertech when ordering:



After-sales service:

1) The delivery period of the goods on this page is 30 days (from the time of receiving the order to the time of sending the tracking number). For each day overdue, $10 will be refund until full free.

2) In the process of transportation, if there is damage caused by violent delivery by express delivery, if it cannot be repaired, we will provide you with new goods free of charge.

3) Within 6 months after receiving the goods, if there is any problem that can not be used due to the quality, we will give you a new one free of charge. If the parts are damaged, you can apply for a free replacement service.

4) If there is any problem after 6 months after receipt of the goods, we can provide you with maintenance advice. If you cannot repair by yourself, you can choose to send the goods to us, and we will repair them for you free of charge (you need to bear the postage fee and the corresponding customs fees, and we will bear the cost of the parts needed in the repair).

Weight4 kg
Cubesim Button Bezel

Only Screen, with CUBESIM Button Bezel

Power plug standard

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