Head Tracking System , Head Tracking for PC Gaming


  • Withou Any Wearing – Users do not need to wear any equipment to work with this item, you can also wear headphones, glasses and even sunglasses
  • Low Occupation – While ensuring the effect, this product does not occupy GPU at all, and CPU occupation can be extremely low CPU utilization
  • Easy Installation – The highly creative installation method can easily place the equipment on various screens or screen lights
  • No Calibration – The equipment does not need any calibration, and all kinds of interference are eliminated in principle, which may lead to drift
  • Privacy Security – This track system does not need to collect any user characteristic information or save video files to ensure privacy security
  • For more tutorials, visit http://z.aimxy.com/#download
  • Software Download :
  • Withou Any Wearing – Users do not need to wear any equipment to work with this item, you can also wear headphones, glasses and even sunglasses
  • Low Occupation – While ensuring the effect, this product does not occupy GPU at all, and CPU occupation can be extremely low CPU utilization
  • Easy Installation – The highly creative installation method can easily place the equipment on various screens or screen lights
  • No Calibration – The equipment does not need any calibration, and all kinds of interference are eliminated in principle, which may lead to drift
  • Privacy Security – This track system does not need to collect any user characteristic information or save video files to ensure privacy security


Supported games (and versions)

18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin’Gun CommanderRS Project
1944 D-DayH1Z1RSD Demo
2KMarinNEXTHaloRTMS Crane Sim
3D InstructorhapTELRTT DeltaGen Plugin
3D InteractiveHardware Control Simulator, Railway Electronics
3D Interieur VisualisationHarrier Attack IIRust
3d NavHarry’s Hard Choices InteractiveSail
3D-Fahrschule Driving SimulatorHeavy Duty ChallengeSail Simulator 5
3ds MaxHerissons (Paris France)Sailors of the Sky
Aaaaa!HevelsanSan Jose State
Accessible Computer GameshiCRANE2Santa Cruz Watermill
Aces High II(2.01 Patch 6)HL2 (Unsupported Demo)SCANeR Studio Plugin
Admiral QualityHoverAssaultSEGA Demo
AeroflyHPG TrackingSFSPC
Aerofly FSHTWShip Simulator 2006
AffineonHuawei SoftwareShip Simulator 2008
AgrovisionHueSpaceShiphandling Simulator
Air Battles: Sky DefenderHunting Wild GameShiVa
Air Missions: HINDHyper VisionShooting Simulator
Air Phobiai3dixSIA Games
Air Traffic Control ToweriamfootballSilent Wings
AirBookid ResearchSilverHat
AIRWARSIESASimax Simulator
American Truck SimulatorIL-2 Forgotten Battles, ACE, Pacific Fighters
America’s ArmyIL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of StalingradSimball 4D
America’s Army 3IlluminaSimbionix
AnimechImagine 3D ATC Tower SimulationSimCreator
Apache: Air AssaultImmersive CoachSimlog Personal Simulator
Apex MotorsportsImmersive Media ProjectSimQuest immersion system
Aprisoft GartenplanerIn the BlackSimSol
Aprisoft Traumhaus DesignerIn Touch Technologies Inc.Simumak
ARIInfinity: BattlescapeSir, You Are Being Hunted
ArmAInglobeSirocco Racing
ArmA 2Innovatec SimulatorSKKU
Arma 3INSOFTSkowronski
Armored Assault – Gold EditionInsurgencySky God: Military Freefall
Artificial HeadInteractive InstituteSoft fx Demo
Arvoch AllianceInterstellar RiftSolitude
Arvoch ConflictIntificSosinski
Assetto CorsaInto the DungeonSource Engine (Half-Life 2)
Assetto Corsa CompetizioneInv3rsionSpace Hulk: Deathwing
Auditory Displays for the blindiRacingSpace Shuttle Mission
AutodeskIREQ Robotic Camera ControlSpaze
AV Core TechnologyISAMMSquad
BAE Systems HILAS cockpitISIRStanford University
Battle of Britain (iENT)ITCLStar Citizen
Battle of Britain II – Wings of VictoryIVD OnlineStar Wars: Squadrons
BattlecruiserJ.J. Keller and AssociatesStarfighter Origins
Battlefield 2Janes F18Starshatter
Battlefield 2 Trauma StudiosJaval Ent.Steel Beasts 2
Battlefield 2142JC DemoSteel Beasts Pro
Battleground Europe : World War II OnlineJet ThunderSteel Beasts Pro Personal
Battleground Europe : WWII OnlineJetfighter VSteel Beasts Professional
Beamng.driveJFISTStoked Rider
Beckman Institute UIUCJohn Deere Vehicle SimulatorStorm of War: the Battle of Britain
Ben’s Awesome 3D Visualization SuiteJump to Lightspeed(11.3)Stormworks: Build and Rescue
Beyond The Red LineJumpgateSTRAFT
BF2 (Unsupported Demo)Jumpgate EvolutionStride
Big Scale RacingKAF KeymapperStrike Suit Zero
Birds of PreyKAI FLight SimulatorSTS Driving Simulator
Black SharkKaramyshevSub Level Zero
BoeingKart Racing ProSubnautica
Boeing DemoKartKraftSubnautica
BogomoloovKBY SoftwareSunaerosys
BOMBKeita Head TrackingSuperkarting
Bomber SquadronKey Macro ViewSuperX Research
Brain-IT GroupKitakyushu UnivSurf Simulator
Brothers In ArmsKongsberg GlobalSimSW Plugin
Bus SimulatorKookmin UniversitySWRI Demo
Bus Simulator 16L-3Synaptics, INC
Bus Simulator 16L-3 CommunicationsSyncon Robot Control
Bussim 18LeoPolySynergy Integration
C.U.B.LG ElectronicsSynergy Simulation
CameraGripToolsLimbT and TS Corp.
CarnetsoftLionhead MGS Game ResearchTacview
Caterpillar SimulatorsLive For SpeedTake On Helicopters
CCG MetamediaLive for Speed S2Take on Mars
CDF GhostshipLockheed Martin Littoral Combat Ship simulator
CEWIT Immersive CabinLockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2TARDEC
CFPTLondon NHSTarget: Korea
ChopperLorbyTarget: Rabaul
ClearboxLore (Dark Horizons)Targeting Demo
CLewisLoveTD Demo
CNKFsoftLucid EngineTeachLive
Code 10M4 Tank BrigadeTecknotrove
CogniticsM4 Tank PlatoonTelepresence
Colin McRae Rally 04(1.01 Patch)Mach 1Tenstar Simulator
ComancheMAG WIPTest Drive Unlimited
Combat Air Patrol 2MALTetrahedral
Combat Flight Simulator 3(3.1 Patch)ManuVARThe Assembly
Combat HeloMaqSIM4The b9dead
Combined ArmsMath Combat ChallengeThe Battle of Sol
Commandos Strike ForceMech Tactical SimThe Bus
COMPUTERGRAFIKMechWarrior OnlineThe Crew
Concept RSMedaphorThe Gallery
Condor: The Competitive Soaring SimulatorMedical Image VisualizationThe Sky Gods
Conflict TaiwanMeggitt Defense SystemstheHunter
CorysMeridiaTheia, school project
coubyMetaVRthriXXX HII 3D
Counter StrikeMeteoroid MazethriXXX Jenna
Crane SimulatorMeVEAThriXXX Technology
Cranfield UniversityMicro Flighttir2joy
CrashdayMicrosoft ESPTIRF4
Creanex Training SimulatorMicrosoft FlightTNO
Creative Labs headsetMicrosoft Train SimulatorToCA Race Driver 2(1.2 Patch)
Cross Racing ChampionshipMiddleVRToca Race Driver 3
Crysis ModMig AlleyTom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.
Crystal Growth SimulationMimik Vehicle SimulatorTom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2
CrytekMiner WarsTorque Game Engine
CS GO MODMiscreatedTotal War
C-SpineMKMapper KeymapperTourist Bus Simulator
Cypher CityModelSimTower Crane Simulator
D2x-XLMorgan State UniversityTower I
Dark Horizons LoreMotor CompanyTPL Testing
Dawn of Aces – Gold EditionMotorsport Simulatorstrackd
Dawn of Aces IIMouse EmulationTrackMapper2
Dawn of Aces/Red BaronMSTrain Sim World
DayZMS Flight Simulator 2002Train Sim World 2
DBS WalkAndFollowMS Flight Simulator 2004(9.0 or 9.1)TrainMaster
DCS: A-10CMS Flight Simulator 2020Trainz
Dead ReckoningMS Flight Simulator XTrans Sim
DeblurMS World Tour Kart 2004TraumTek
DeliveryMSN Virtual EarthTripWire
Demon CoremTBI BalanceTruck and Logistics Simulator
Descent: UndergroundMursionTurismo Carretera
DiginextNASA Crew Exploration VehicleU of Manitoba
DiRTNASCAR HeatU of Tokyo
DiRT 2NASCAR Racing 2003 season( Patch)
DiRT 4Navi Trainer ProfessionalUK Rally Champion
DoublethinkNetKar ProUnderwater Navigation
Dovetail Flight SchoolNitro Stunt RacingUni-Hamburg
Dovetail GamesNorth Eastern UniversityUni-Santiago
Dovetail Train Simulator 2015NovintUnity 3D Plugin
Down In FlamesNPSUnity 64-bit
Driver TestNTUUnity Plugin (64-bit)
Driver’s RepublicNVH Sound SimulatorUniversity of Korea
DriveSimObjects in SpaceUntitled 10tacle
Driving SimulatorOff-Road paradiseUntitled 3D People
dSphere TBAOHJCHUntitled Apportmedia
DTSOmni-Directional MovementUntitled Combat Flight Sim
Dual UniverseOn the RoadUntitled Deep Silver
Dungeons and Dragons OnlineOnadime – Realtime AnimationUntitled G5 Software
DY DemoOperation Air Assault 2Untitled Microsoft
EADS TestingOperation Flashpoint 2 (inactive)Untitled Research
EAFITOperation Flashpoint(r): Dragon Rising(tm)
Eagle Lander 3DOptiMetricsUntitled Ron E
Earth AnalogOpusFSXUntitled Sega of America
EasyVROrbiter 2005 Plug-InUntitled Simbin
ECA-SindelOrbiter 2006Untitled WorkShield
ED Science LabOrbiter 2006 Plug-InUntitled ZootFly
eight360Oryx Vehicle SimulatorsUQO
Elite: DangerousOuter Conflict: FrontiersUVEG Machinery Simulator
Embers of CaerusOver Flanders FieldsVAR
EMS SimulationsOverloadVBS2
End SpacePanoProVBS2 2.0
Enemy Engaged 2ParaworldVBS3 IG
Enemy Engaged: Commanche vs HokumPhilipsVCORP RBR2 MOD
Enemy StarfighterPhoenix R/CVector 36
Envision TEPivot MaritimeVehicle Simulator (Quality Simulations)
EON RealityPlanet NomadsVehicle Simulator Direction
Escape from TarkovPlanetSide 2Vestibular Ocular Reflex
eSigmaPlanetSide 2 M.E.Viper Arena
Euro Truck SimulatorPlumleyVIRTools Engine
EVE OnlinePOCVirtools Plugin
EVE ValkyriePointmanVirtual Driving
EventologyPolice 1013Virtual Heroes
EverspacePower Driving SimulatorVirtual RC Racing
EVOC-101 TrainingPrepar3DVirtual Sailor
Evochron Alliance 2.0Priston TaleVirtual Shopper
Evochron LegacyProject CARSVirtual Supermarket
Evochron LegendsProject CARS 2VirtualiTeach
Evochron MercenaryProject Reality (BF2 Mod)Vizard
Evochron RenegadesProject Torque (Invictus)VizRD
eXpanSIMProject WingmanvJoy
EZCAProject XVoid War
EZCamViewsPuegeot PSA SimulatorVox Machinae
F1 2011PULSAR: Lost ColonyVR Truck Simulator
F1 2015Pylon RacerVRPlayer
F1 2016QSTPVT08
F1 2017QuanserVVVV Plugin
F1 2018QuantaDynVW Testing
F1 Challenge 99-02QuatrefoilWalkabout3d
F-22 Total Air WarQuest 3D Xframe PluginWallbusters
F-35 PTAQuest3DWar Thunder
FAACQuest3D – CINEACT integrationWAVES
Falcon 4.0R.U.D.O. ToolsWelding Simulator
Falcon 4.0: Allied ForceRACE (the WTCC game)Weltjen
Falcon 5RACE 07, RACE, GTR 2West Racing
Farming SimulatorRacerWhirlwind of Vietnam
Farming Simulator 2009Racer Sw-hs
Faros Driving SimulatorRaceRoom Racing ExperienceWHSIL
Faubert Lab Car SimulatorRadial-G : Racing RevolvedWikid FJ
Fernbus SimulatorRail Simulator 1Wings of Prey
FIFA 09Railway Work SimulatorWings of War(1.2 Patch)
Fighter AceRailWorks 2Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Fighter OpsRailWorks 5 (TS2014)Wingsuit Simulator
Fighter Squadron: Screamin Demons Over EuropeWorld of Aircraft
First Eagles, Wings Over Europe, Strike Fighters(Service pack 2 or greater)World of Diving
Flight GearRaydonWorld Racing 2
Flyboys / WarbirdsRaydon Driving SimulatorWSP Technologies
FlyerRaySafeWWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger
Flying TigersR-concept X (AdrenalinStorm)X Motor Racing
Flying Tigers: Shadows Over ChinaRCPluginX1Alpha
FlyingGunsReal Time VisualX2: The Threat
FlyInside Flight SimulatorRealFlightX3: Albion Prelude
Ford Racing 3Reality ManagerX4: Foundations
Forklift SimulatorRealWorldX-Camera
Fractured SpaceRebellion DevelopmentsX-Cockpit for X-Plane
FreeSpace2Red Baron 3DXIM
Frontier Pilot SimulatorRed Bull Air Racing ChampionshipX-Plane 6DOF Plugin
FSFXRed Orchestra: Heroes of StalingradX-Plane Pilot View
FSX Steam EditionRed Orchestra: OstfrontX-Plane(8.1)
FTAlphaRedline MonitorX-Rebirth
F-TrainerReentry – An Orbital SimulatorX-Tower for X-Plane
Full OutREFLEX XTRX-Wing Alliance
Future PinballRemote PresenceXyphoid
Game VRRensselueryoungmonkey
Games FarmrFactor Prozedasoft F-35 Demo
Garry’s ModrFProZombie AA Research
Gavap SimulatorRichard Burns Rally(1.02 Patch)
Generic RoboticsRift’s Cave
Ghostship AftermathRig N Roll
Glider SimRio Tinto Resource Development
Global Ground Support Deicing SimulationRise of Flight
Go For Launch: MercuryRise: The Vieneo Province
GoD Factory: WingmenRising Conflicts
GosNIIAS Sim TrainerRising Storm 2: Vietnam
Gothic 3RITS
gRallyRoad Legends
Grand Prix Legends(GPLshift+ Patch v0.7.2 or higher, created by JSJ)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas(1)Rockwell Collins
GraphicacyRogue System
GRIDRogue Warrior
GSE Power Plant SimulationRoRo Simulator
GT LegendsROV Sim
GTRRowan’s Battle Of Britain
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2 reviews for Head Tracking System , Head Tracking for PC Gaming

  1. Frank Jeguschke

    Frank Jeguschke https://www.facebook.com/groups/315148873042730/permalink/688637085693905/
    This is now a short impression of the head tracking system.
    I also have the TrackIR 5 system and it always bothered me that you had to put on the ProClip and align / calibrate it properly and repeatedly press the center button ( mostly when you didn’t need it ). This does not apply to the AimXY-Cubesim system. It always fits once you have aligned the camera correctly. And setting options, especially with the curves, there are enough, so it comes close to the handling of the TrackIR. The only downside is that there is no manual in languages ​​other than Chinese. It would be nice if they were available in German or English. But I think that if the demand is big enough, there will be that too. At the end of my short impression, I can only say that the tracking system from Aimxy-Cubesim is much better than TrackIR 5 for me personally, since there is much more freedom (without Proclip or similar). The behavior can be compared to TrackIR and you don’t have to constantly readjust or center it. For me a clear buy recommendation. You can certainly argue about the price, but I definitely didn’t regret it. Very good and great.👍👍👍 Almost forgotten.
    But that’s whining on a high level.
    The USB-C cable could/should have been black instead of white and had an angled plug.
    But that’s not so bad. I ordered this from Amazon.

  2. Grim Reapers

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